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Did you know that School of Hits also teaches in English? That means you can also learn how to be a DJ or a Producer if your first language is not Dutch. At School of Hits everyone is welcome to make an appointment for a free trial lesson. After that you can decide if you want to book more lessons.

How does it work?

At School of Hits we know that every student is different. That’s why we don’t teach in groups. Lessons are individual because that way we can ensure that our style of teaching matches your needs and interests. This way our lessons can be tailored to the student. For example, most students start by learning how to rebuild one of their favorite songs. If that’s the goal, it’s easier to concentrate on otherwise very difficult technical aspects of learning how to be a producer. 

Is the teacher English?

Our main teacher Joost is Dutch but he does speak English fluently. That’s because he studied both Audio Engineering at SAE and Cultural Economics at Erasmus in English. Incidentally, since most of the terms used DJ and Producer software are originally in English Joost could probably explain things better in English anyway. 

Want to become a producer

Are you interested? Do you want to become a DJ or a Producer? Don’t hesitate to call or email Joost if you have any questions. Calls: 06 18 34 95 35 and emails: see you soon!

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